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The Blue Badge is a British national standard guiding qualification and is an internationally recognised benchmark of excellence.

Originating in London, this was awarded by regional Tourist Boards from 1969, so that every guide would have the same background of national core knowledge combined with in-depth local knowledge.

Blue Badge Guides are selected, trained and examined by the training provider and examined by the Institute of Tourist Guiding.

As well as acquiring knowledge, Blue Badge Guides are trained in the selection and presentation of material.

They take pride in constantly updating their knowledge to enable their visitors to enjoy Britain's immense, unique and varied heritage.

They are practical, punctual, reliable, welcoming individuals or groups, here on business or for pleasure.

Blue Badge Guides received an award from the Tourism Society in November 1999.

Booking Terms and conditions of the guild of registered tourist guides are available on the Blue Badge Guides website


Blue Badge Guide

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